Build Your Tomorrow

Declutter Your Mind and Focus on Your Future

Develop a Growth Mindset and Change Your Life!

Do you feel stuck in a life that doesn’t seem to fit?  Do you feel like your mind is cluttered with too many options and you don’t know where to start? You CAN turn things around and set a straight course towards the life you want.


Life Focus and Mindset Coach


If you want to be somewhere different in your life,  create a goal map and follow it.   Where do you want to be in 1 year?  10  years?  Or even 20?


What has brought you do where you are now?  Do you have the same values and priorities that you did 5 years ago?  What motivates you to make a change?


What is blocking you from moving forward to the life you want?  What subconscious beliefs might be holding you back?  How do you REALLY feel about yourself and your abilities?


What can you change about your life now?  How do your foresee your ideal future?  Do you understand your true potential?  How can you move forward with purpose?

You CAN do it!

Do you feel like you are trapped in a box with no way to get out?  What if I told you that the box is imaginary and only exists in your head?  You can raise the cover and step out any time you wish — once you train your mind to believe in yourself.

Have you recently experience a major life change like a divorce, move, job change, faith transition or death of a loved one?  Are you unsure what the future holds?  Or even what you want your future to be?  Getting out of that metaphorical box can feel insurmountable.  However, with the right mental tools, you can restore stability, peace, optimism, personal growth and fulfillment to your life.

What Is Life Coaching?

Helping you identify what you want out of life.

Mapping out goals and actions steps.

Identifying blocks and how to overcome them.

Keeping you on track and holding you accountable.

 Who Is Coaching For?


Those who want to change their life and transform their thinking.

Those who are ready to identify what is holding them back and set goals to improve their future.

Those who are facing a major life change — or recovering from one.

Those who will take action!

What is the Process Like?

During your initial consultation we will discuss what you want to accomplish with life coaching.  We will choose areas to focus on and goals to work towards.  In subsequent sessions we will map out an action plan and uncover obstacles to progress.  Together we will determine a realistic timeline and lay the path for you to follow to reach your goals.  As your coach, I’ll hold you accountable for following through on each action step.

1. Introduction - Coach/Coachee

I provide a complimentary initial consultation so that we can get to know each other and see if we have a good coach-client match.  Why is good rapport important?  A certain level of trust is necessary to disclose your thoughts, dreams and weaknesses and work towards change together.

2. Determine the Future You Want

In the following sessions, we will drill down on exactly what you want out of life and what it might take to get there.

3. Identify Goals and Action Steps

When you have determined exactly what your end goal is, next we map out the steps it will take to reach it.

4. Overcome Blocks and Obstacles

Generally there are reasons, real or imagined, why you haven’t already accomplished your goals.  We will identify those blocks and determine how to overcome them.

5. Carry Out Action Steps to Reach Your Goal!

Step by step, you will carry out the action steps to reach your goal and build the future you want!

Book a Session

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Free Initial Consulatation

Free 10-minute Zoom consultation to answer your questions about coaching. 


Online 45-Minute Coaching Session

Online session via Zoom.

If a major life change has knocked you to ground level, it may be time to rebuild your foundation, lay the groundwork of values and priorities, and set up the blueprint of a happy and fulfilled future.


In-Person 45-Minute Coaching Session

In-person session – Utah office.

Get out of your rut and into your groove with coaching on self-discovery, growth mindset, and reaching your goals.


About Me

Carol Edgel

Certified Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute

B.S. Sociology

B.S., M.Ed. Communication Disorders

Professional Development Certificate for:  Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner

I’ve been through many different life transitions and have learned how to manage them successfully and come out on the other side more productive and happy!  I’d love to help you achieve the same.

Carol was amazing. I was a little hesitant to meet with a life coach. I did not know what to expect but knew I needed to have someone that I could talk to and that would help me navigate through some life issues. My fist meeting with carol I felt completely at ease, which allowed me to relax and open up. Her tips and suggestions made a huge difference for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Not only did she help me navigate and help me grow but has also become a good friend.

Melissa George

Carol is incredibly kind and helpful.

B. Webb


I like Ms. Edgel’s coaching style. She is friendly and makes me feel comfortable. She helps me see some of my life situations in new ways without being judgmental or pushy. Through her coaching, I am developing specific and realistic problem solving strategies that work well for me.

Cee Brown

Carol is great! She makes you feel very comfortable in sharing your personal information and provides great insights to help you along the way in making changes in your life. I learned a few things about myself that I was unaware of. Grateful for the time we had together.

Tiffany B.

Carol Edgel is an awesome Life Coach. She helped me overcome my procrastination habits in only a few sessions, just by asking gentle, compassionate, thoughtful questions. She guided me without pushing me, and it was very effective. My life is heading in a much better direction now. I highly recommend Carol as a Life Coach. She makes coaching fun!

Mal M.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.  Start Building Your New Life Today!

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